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Stress Release Essential Oil Blend
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Release stress and enjoy a happier and healthier life with essential oil blends from Embun Natural.

Combining various essential oils, this Stress Release essential oil blends is especially formulated with high-quality essential oils to reduce stress, anxiety and calm your senses. Included in this blend is Bergamot to calm your mind, Patchouli Essential Oil to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, as well as aromatherapeutic Ylang Ylang Essential Oil that could eliminate stress hormones in your body.

Also available in other variants: Calming, Focus, and Mood Booster.

Lepaskan segala stress dan nikmati hidup yang lebih tenang dan bahagia dengan essential oil dari Embun Natural, Dibuat dengan essential oils alami dan bersertifikat, Stress Release essential oil blend ini diformulasikan dengan berbagai macam essential oils pilihan yang dapat memberikan efek aromatherapy untuk menghilangkan stress, memberikan ketenangan batin serta mengurangi perasaan khawatir berlebihan (anxiety).

Termasuk di dalam varian Stress Release Essential Oil blends ini adalah Bergamot EO yang menenangkan; Patchouli Essential Oil untuk mengurangi stress, depresi dan anxiety, serta Ylang Ylang Essential Oil yang memiliki manfaat aromatherapy untuk mengurangi hormon stress di tubuh.

Tersedia juga dalam varian Calming, Focus, and Mood Booster.

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